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"Conflict is inevitable,

but combat is optional."

- Max Lucadeo

We offer complete construction law services for homeowners, builders, developers, architects, and engineers.

“By Failing to Prepare,
You are Preparing to Fail.”

-Ben Franklin

"The best investment on earth is earth.”

-Louis Glickman

Corporation? LLC? Partnership?
We’ll help you decide.

Mediation Services.

A New Start.

A New Perspective.

A New Direction.

Big Firm Know-How,  Small Firm Service

Business Planning and Formation

We can assist you in selecting, establishing and maintaining the most appropriate form of a business organization, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law is a relatively recent process established to resolve family law matters, e.g. divorce, custody, through a collaborative settlement rather than through litigation. For more information see the website of the Collaborative Professionals of Central Pennsylvania @

Construction Issues

We represent many builders, homeowners, developers, architects, and engineers in construction related matters. From drafting contracts to arbitration of construction disputes, to litigation, we offer complete construction law services.

Divorce, Custody, Support, Premarital Planning and Adoption

We maintain a broad domestic practice, providing a comprehensive range of legal services when divorce, support, custody and adoption are in issue. We also provide premarital planning, premarital agreements and related services.

Commercial Litigation

The firm regularly handles a broad range of civil litigation matters, including business disputes, insurance litigation, professional and construction litigation, property losses, premises liability, contract disputes, injury law, and employment matters.

Mediation Services

In times of conflict, you often need to find a different approach to achieve resolution. You need a new start. You need a new perspective. You need a new direction.   That philosophy gave rise to our name, “New Direction Mediation Center.” After decades of litigating civil and family law cases, we found that, oftentimes, the parties lost sight of the ultimate goal of their legal quest… the reasonable, cost-effective resolution of their legal dispute. The traditional litigation process caused them to become frustrated and angry, and to lose the ability to arrive at creative solutions to their dispute. Communication with the other party broke down, making resolution of the issues extremely difficult, if not impossible. The result ultimately was both financially and emotionally devastating. Mediation is the attractive, alternative approach to resolving cases. For more information, visit our mediation website by clicking here.

Oil and Gas Negotiation & Lease Drafting

For most people in Pennsylvania gas leases are a new and foreign concept, and many landowners have no idea what the gas rights on their property may be worth, and what risks leasing may entail. We educate our clients by explaining, in plain English, the leases drafted by the gas industry, we negotiate additional and better terms on behalf of the landowner, we draft additional lease language to protect the landowner's rights and we aggressively pursue that gas company to enforce the landowner's rights. 

Personal Injury

The firm aggressively represents individuals injured due to motor vehicle accidents, unsafe premises, defective products and otherwise due to fault of another. We accept personal injury matters only after we have thoroughly reviewed the case to determine its viability. This representation includes handling of related insurance matters.

Real Estate Transactions

We offer full real estate transactional services, including residential and commercial transactions, and title insurance.

Wills, Trusts and Estates

We also offer an estate practice, helping our clients with their planning requirements, including drafting and modifying wills, establishing trusts, and administering estates.

Zoning and Land Use

We provide advice to landowners and municipalities regarding a full range of zoning issues including, but not limited to, determining the need for  variances, special exceptions, and conditional uses.  We represent applicants before Zoning Hearing Boards, Boards of Supervisors, Planning Commissions, and county courts in order to obtain the required zoning relief for their projects. 


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