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Helping You Find Solutions to Complicated Problems.

"Conflict is inevitable,

but combat is optional."

- Max Lucadeo

We offer complete construction law services for homeowners, builders, developers, architects, and engineers.

“By Failing to Prepare,
You are Preparing to Fail.”

-Ben Franklin

"The best investment on earth is earth.”

-Louis Glickman

Corporation? LLC? Partnership?
We’ll help you decide.

Mediation Services.

A New Start.

A New Perspective.

A New Direction.


We understand that being involved with legal issues can be frightening. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients fully up to date as each case moves forward and we make it our job to explain your options every step of the way through the process. We offer frank, honest opinions. Our clients are fully informed and fully involved in the decision-making process. After all, it’s their case. We help our clients perform a cost-benefit analysis of each legal issue he or she may confront so that the client can fully understand the legal costs involved in the matter, the potential benefits, and the risks of the case. We firmly believe that a fully informed client is always in a better position to make decisions.

Our clients have come to expect aggressive and unyielding representation coupled with timely services and clear communications. We are committed to providing our clients individualized, personal attention. Each client and each client’s legal needs are important. Unlike larger firms, our clients are not treated like just another number. Each of our clients deals directly with one of us. Obviously, we pride ourselves on our close and continuing relationships with our clients. As such, our clients have been our best advertising and they have continued to refer others to us. Our clients have come to know that we will be on their side no matter what.

In the end, that is what you expect. That is what we deliver as both advisers and litigators. As advisers, we counsel our clients, whether they are individuals or large corporations, on how to avoid litigation and legal pitfalls. When litigation has been necessary, we successfully resolved thousands of cases, including business disputes, insurance litigation, professional and construction litigation, property losses, premises liability, contract disputes, injury law, and employment matters at all court levels including arbitrations, mediations and in front of juries in state and federal court.


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